What I struggle against

Advice from around the Internets...

"Don't spend a long time on your book. Speed is the key to success. Plan on taking a couple of months to write it, edit it, format it and put it out there as an e.book."

"Nobody's first novel gets published because everybody's first novel sucks."

"Any book priced higher than $2.99 is a ripoff."

"Traditional publishing is for suckers."

"How to tell if your book is destined for failure: it features a) vampires; b) zombies; c) superheroes; or d) obscure jokes that 90% of people won't get."

"If you don't have AT LEAST 10,000 friends on Facebook, your promotions won't result in any sales."

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  1. I still contend slow is best. If the first book out is shlock, you're dead. Unplug, and write. Peace...


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