Who had the cancer?

An interesting phenomenon seems to have developed about my FridayFlash, "Romance... With Lasers". If you haven't read it, go do so, then answer me this:

Who had the cancer? The man or the woman?

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  1. great piece, as if I needed to tell you that.

    "they" had cancer. the both of 'em.

    and that's the way it is at our house.

  2. I think on my initial reading, I assumed it was the woman, however after reading your question and then re-reading, I might tend more towards the man.

    ... but I particularly like Paige's answer, because in reality I think it would affect each partner just as much because of their close and loving relationship.

  3. I thought is was the man.

  4. I think both have cancer and that's normally a real life situation. Very interactive and mind engaging post.
    Great post and keep it coming.
    Meanwhile plz do pass by my blogs page read,follow and comment to aid me improve my works too.
    Thank you.Lovely day.

  5. I thought it was the woman, but now I'm questioning myself.

    And Paige is correct. In a loving couple, everyone has it.

  6. The Woman. Her bruised lips take her mind off the "ill fitting gown." Take that out and its ambiguous, but with it, its direct evidence taht it is her. Couple that with the fact that if they both did have cancer, the likelihood of them both having similar brain cancer has got to be extremely remote. PLus, i still stand by my earlier comment :-)

  7. I find these comments really interesting. I'm hoping to get more feedback on this, so will hold off on sharing my inside knowledge until a later date.

  8. Sorry Tony, inside knowledge doesn't matter ocne its printed :-)


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