Writing for love? What love?

I could write an angst-ridden blog post about feeling torn among various competing projects. This would focus on the difficulty in shunning bright, shiny new (or old) projects and committing to my primary WIP when I'm at the hard, sloggy part.

I could write an entirely different angst-ridden blog post about the frustration of trying to put together an anthology of flash fiction which consists of a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, horror, lit fic and magical realism. I'm a victim of my own flexibility. Fourth-fifths of the book will bore or tick off every possible purchaser. And what the hell would I title it without setting up 80% of the readers for disappointment?

I could write any number of complaints about not enough time or resources, lack of energy, inadequate focus, marginal equipment, the inadequacy of my skills as a graphic designer/editor/literary agent/promoter/social media expert/blacksmith or whatever else I need to be.

I could write about how, for some popular Twitterers, posting tweets "without filters" means being funny, sexy, provocative, outrageous, etc., while for me, "without filters" would mean being whiny and depressing on a regular basis. Do I filter myself too much? Not enough?

I could generally moan, bitch and complain about what I'm doing, not doing, experiencing, not experiencing, and so on and so forth.

Instead, I will post a funny video, about the process of creating a sequel to a popular piece of entertainment, specifically, the movie "When Harry Met Sally".

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  1. From the title, I thought you were going to make some acerbic comment about a writer's love life (or the lack thereof). Even hooking up with a writer chick could be hazardous: clash of the genres!

    One of my own pub projects is an anthology much like yours — different genres, but not all flash fic. I'm taking a "glass half full" approach, figuring everyone will find something to like and something to not like. Even top-shelf anthos and fic magazines include the occasional clunker, or something that just doesn't click for every single reader. I'd say don't worry about it.

    And I need to go get myself a $20 Amazon card just so I can go back to impulse-buying those 99-cent ebooks… once I clear the the huge stack of freebies anyway.

  2. I'll bitch and moan for you then. It's hard, man. There's so much to do it's hard to know what to do first, then, if you're like me, you lose sleep and you're embarrassed at yourself because you should take better care.

    I like the fact that you write in all genres. Publish a collection like that and I'll get a copy.

  3. Lemonaide from Lemons, right? Why are you here? Why write Flash at all? Because it lets you try different things. Different styles, voices, settings, and genres. Each new piece is a new skill, a new insight that you can blend into your WIP.

    When that WIP is finished, then there's the learning curve of publishing. So instead of trying to learn all that with a WIP that will necessarily be very near and dear to you by then, you figure it out with your Anthology.

    Another tool, another lesson learned. And, frankly, I know I don't speak for everyone since Mark beat me to it, but you get that book out and i will buy it!

    Finally, I do not yet have enough quality stories to fill an anthology, but I'm getting there. Your talk of creating the anthology unlocked somethign in my head and made me realize that I can do that, too. I need more quality posts, but I will make them. So keep in mind that what you do does inspire those around you.

    Hell, if I get it together, I'll probably even ask you to write the forward :-)

    And, if that's not enough, you've now inspired me to write a #FlashFriday blogpost this afternoon, too!

  4. Oh go ahead, bitch and moan. I like a guy that's moanier than me! We should actually form a bitch and moan club - wouldn't that be cheery?
    Big hugs to Tony!!!!

  5. I also thought I was following the link into an angry ramble on writing for money instead of art. Been perusing a couple other industries the last few weeks and am dismayed at how economically their masters view everything.

    Relieved that instead you skimmed the topics writers usually complain about (using words that ought to be going to projects, no less). I should see When Harry Met Sally some day.

    -signed Anonymous Q. Botpost

  6. I wasn't trying to be misleading with the title, honest.

    @ FARfetched: Part of me wants to say, "Don't worry about it, everything will be fine." I am, however, constitutionally disinclinded to that approach. As for hooking up with a writer chick, I'd rather have me a sexy librarian.

    @ Mark: You and Far give me hope that there'd be a market for such a beast.

    @ D. Paul: You've reminded me of something I'd completely forgotten: why I'm trying to do an anthology AT ALL. It absolutely is as a dry-run for self-pubbing a novel. How could I have gotten so lost in the details? Thanks, man!

    @ Cathy: We should actually form a bitch and moan club *ahem* twitter *ahem*

    Thanks for the hugs!

    @ John: Lord, any of those complaints would be little more than a bad xerox of standard writer whines. I'm glad you stuck around for the video. When Harry Met Sally is a pretty good movie - worth your time at some point. Also, I know you aren't REALLY Anonymous Q. Botpost because you're not offering to let me watch Scream 4 NOW! FOR FREE!

  7. Thank you for writing this. I'm not skilled enough to write flash. I so envy you that. Wish I could do it all. As for competing agendas, found that I've had to ration my time on-line and spending more of it doing the actual writing. Complaining accomplishes nothing. You're a classy guy; never thought of you as as a whiner.

    AS for the clip ... LMAO!!! ; D Thanks for sharing it. Gotta love the windshield scene. Hahahaha (I know. I'm twisted.)


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