Can you hear me now?

Benjamin Solah, one of my fellow writers in the Chinese Whisperings - Yang anthology, mentioned on Twitter that he was going to try to use AudioBoo in conjunction with some of his poetry and flash fiction. They certainly do seem like a match made in heaven, and it's something that has been warmly received. Benjamin has set up a website in association with the #SpokenSunday hashtag he proposed.

I've long been thinking about doing podcasts of some of my #FridayFlash stories, but as a Blogger user, I never got past the "but where would I host them?" part. Even though I don't have one of those cool Australian accents like Benjamin, Jodi Cleghorn or Annie Evett, I'm looking forward to giving this simplified form of podcasting a try.

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  1. Looking forward to it if you do one.
    I want to do the same but I need to buy a mic for my computer.

  2. Oh, it sounds so complicated.
    And I sound remarkably like Minnie Mouse. How long can you listen to Minnie Mouse without retching?

  3. Tony ... I've been doing audio readings about 6 or 7 months. Maybe longer. You get the hang of it aftre a while ... and hey, I don't even have an accent. feel free to peruse the audio reading page at my site.

    If you have any questions, just shoot.

  4. Thanks for the plug Tony. Down here, we're the ones complaining of uncool accents ;)

    Look forward to see your next recording on Sunday.


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