AudioBoo: "Ode to the Semicolon"


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  1. that was SOOOOOOOO cool.

    Was it hard? Complicated? What, tell us, Me

    I have thought about and wanted to do this, but the sites I checked were beyond me.

  2. It wasn't that hard. I had some skipping and pops when recording via the web app, but I blame the connection speed of my WiFi network.

    In the end, I recorded my audio file, converted it to an MP3 and uploaded it. Each AudioBoo is a max of 5 minutes, just about right for a single poem or #FridayFlash.

  3. I enjoyed this immensely! You have a great speaking voice and that poem is HANDS DOWN genius.
    (steeples fingers) Well played.

    btw: my warped "word verification" for this comment was "recrotch." (????)

  4. Glad to see you're adding multimedia to the blog...


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