"The Running Bug"

If you wish to comment on my Twitter serial, "The Running Bug", this would be a good place to do it. Follow the serial with the #run hashtag.

Comments, critiques, questions, movie adaptation offers... all are welcome.


  1. I'm wondering if I should have set this up to run hourly, instead of every two hours.

  2. Any possibility of changing the hashtag to #runserial or #runnovel or #runserialtwitter?

    There's actually a lot of tweets posted using the #run hashtag.

    It's not bad if you are up to date, but when you are trying to catch up, there are a lot of tweets to go back through.

    On the 1 hour vs two hour, I don't have a particular preference.

  3. Tony -- have you posted the story somewhere in its entirety? I'm with using a dedicated hashtag next time. Maybe your initials???


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