How to get readers to comment on posts

Over on Quips & Tips, the post for today is How Do Bloggers Get Readers to Comment on Posts? Tips for Blogging. Note that Tip # 5 is based on my experience:
5. Reconsider the “Please comment!” request. “People are happy to comment on my fiction; less so on other posts/articles,” says writer and blogger Tony Noland. “My opinion and an open question helps prompt discussion. On fiction, I state clearly that comments and constructive criticism are welcome – such as on The Green Fields of Home." He adds that on other posts he’s not as overt, and thinks it seems desperate to say, ‘Please comment!’”
The other 7 tips are quite useful, too. Check them out.

Bear in mind, I make no claims to be an expert in how to get readers to comment on posts. All I can do is put up quality content, let people know about it and create conditions conducive for commenting.

Is that enough? Or should I do more? Would more encouragement to comment be inviting or annoying?

Please comment!

NOTE: I don't even know why I feel it necessary to point out that there's a joke at the end up there. You guys should be familiar with my sense of humor by now.


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