Where is my Pryde?

The new (and final) trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past is much more compelling than any of the others I've seen:

However, while I understand the necessity of changing the storyline from the original comic book to make Wolverine the one who mentally goes back in time instead of Kitty Pryde, I still find the switch a bit disappointing.

When the storyline appeared back in 1980 (or was it 1981? can't remember), Kitty was still a kid, very much the inexperienced junior member of the X-Men. In fact, was the trouble that 15-year-old Kitty had in being on a team of adults which led Professor X to form the New Mutants. Well, that and the rising popularity of the X-Men as a comic franchise.

Anyway, one of the big aspects of Days of Future Past was how Kitty turned into a kick-ass hero who didn't take any shit. Forty years in the future, Kat Pride is a hardened veteran and bitter survivor of the Sentinel genocide of mutants and any human who carried latent mutant genes, slaughter of all superheroes, and ultimate enslavement of most of humanity. A final desperate plan sends Kat's mind back into the body of Kitty, her younger self.

Wolverine was especially taken aback by the change from hesitant kid, uncertain of her powers to a confident leader of warriors. Later, when Nightcrawler failed as leader of the X-Men and Storm gave up the role, Wolverine regarded Kitty as the de facto leader, something she found irritating in light of her relative youth. I tend to think that he was responding to the leadership potential he'd seen in her during the Days of Future Past storyline.

The big difference in the movie's take is that Wolverine is already a hard-bitten warrior, both in the Sentinel-blasted future and in the alt-timeline 1970s. Perhaps the saving grace will be that his big challenge is in having to rise above his lone wolf persona to become, not merely a team player, but a proactive team builder.

We shall see.
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  1. A lot of people have high hopes for this movie. I'm tentative, as I was burned by Origins: Wolverine and First Class back-to-back, though Singer is back now and he's the artist I associate with the good X-Men movies. I'd like a good Wolvie/Pryde relationship - his paternal side is one of my favorite elements of the character, and Pryde is cast as Ellen Page, who should be able to knock her role out of the park.


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