9 Great Things About Not Writing

1. The longer it goes on, the more you save on paper, pens, toner, etc.

2. Feelings of alienation from the world of letters keeps you from getting angry about nominations lists for awards. Mostly.

3. Less wear and tear on your hard drive and/or word processor.

4. Emotional experiences build depth of character, from which good writing (eventually) flows. Guilt is a emotion. Q.E.D.

5. 2048 isn't a challenge anymore until at least one 512 tile is on the board.

6. Social withdrawal gives your writer friends more time to write and/or talk to people who are writing. Points for selflessness.

7. Fresh insights on being presented with hoary old chestnuts like, "If you can quit writing, you should quit writing." Fresh insights build depth of character (see point 4).

8. More time to come up with better ways to flog the stuff you DID write.

9. The hope that the sunshine will one day return to thaw the frozen ground of your mind. Hope is an emotion. Q.E.D.

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  1. Don't rely too much on guilt. Guilt is a paralytic. The rest, sure, even tongue in cheek.

    It's good to see the blog posts are coming back. Keep going.

    1. Not so much guilt as a grim acceptance of reality. But guilt sounds more angsty and byronic.

  2. You won 2048! Congrats. I've only ever gotten a 1024 and sometimes a 512 to go with it. That game is addicting.

    1. I win about a third of the time now. Just think how many words I could have written in that time, if I could still write words.


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