Fashion tip for men

Make sure your belt matches your shoes. Also, your socks should coordinate with your pants: khaki with khaki, gray with gray, navy with navy, etc. Shading and patterns are OK, within the context of the same color family.


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  1. In other words, dress like you're in the Armed Forces.

    I think most men I know would take offence to this. They enjoy different colour combinations and are quite sharp dressers. When they want to be, anyhow.

  2. Man, do I screw this up every day. White socks with ALL the things! Black belt with ALL the things! Brown faux hiking boots or tennis shoes with ALL the things!

  3. I have no fashion knowledge whatsoever. The instant someone critiques how I look, I just presume they know what they're talking about and I am filled with dread. Thank God by belt matches my shoes today.


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