What I learned during the A to Z Challenge

During April, I wrote 26 separate letter-themed blog posts, each dedicated to one of my woodworking tools. What did I learn during this process?

1. There are many forms of geekery - woodworking is one of them. It was easy to talk about these tools: to describe them, what they were for, how to use them, how I acquired them, other tools that do similar jobs, etc. Some of my readers were surprised that I own so many. I was surprised that they considered such a small sampling to be "a lot of tools". There are plenty of guys who have many more tools than I do; I'm just a hobbyist.

2. Sharing your passion is only strange to those who have no passions of their own. Some of the readers of these posts were also DIY types. Others were knitters, writers, sculptors, glassworkers, or artisans of another kind. Every one of them could understand the passion for the tools, even if they used tools different than mine.

3. I am a stranger to brevity. The shortest of these woodworking tool posts was 450 words. The longest went over 1000 words. Even for funny stuff, it's asking a lot of readers to stick with me through that volume of words.

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  1. I can't possibly compete with the pithy comment above. If no one has asked you - have you thought about putting together your posts/expanding them a little and turning them into a book?

    1. That was suggested to me by at least one, possibly several people. I'm considering how I'd go about it.

  2. would be a pretty easy ebook to do, do it like an anthology, and if you epub it, you can even link the adjoining stories together with jumps.


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