How to obtain cover art: 6 steps

1. Decide on a budget for your cover art.

2. Tell people you need some cover art. Put the word out and use your network. Look at artists' work on art websites. Ask fellow indies how/where they got their cover art.

3. Connect with an artist who has experience making cover art. Explain the kind of vibe you want to convey. Now is the time to make sure the art will fit within your budget.

4. Review the rough draft efforts together, preferably a couple of different options. If you don't like the art, say so. If you want a different font, say so. If the title is printed wrong, say so.

5. Narrow the choices down. Ask the opinion of some trusted friends who know the book. Have them look at the finalists and give their feedback, not just about the art itself but how well it goes with the book, how distinctive it is, how likely to stand out. Listen to your friends, but make your own decision.

6. Pay the artist, get the art.

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  1. These are great tips. I know real art is better than a photo-shopped cover, but that's where I'm at.


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