Three Word Wednesday: clutch, delight, happy

Today's words for Three Word Wednesday are clutch, delight, happy.

I'm working on my NaNoWriMo novel, but I still have time to inflict a horrible limerick on you:

My dashboard just gave me a fright
CHECK ENGINE came on Monday night
The clutch has gone crappy,
I'll really be happy
To fix it and turn off delight.

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  1. Ouch! Nicely done..haven't heard a limerick in years..Jae

  2. Just read your limerick and, for some reason, have an urge to go take a shower...

  3. Janet Aldrich (tec4)Nov 17, 2010, 9:14:00 AM

    Groaaaaannn ... and the award for the worst pun using the word 'delight' goes to --- Tony Noland! Ta-daaa!

  4. That's funny ex: denial is a river in Egypt lol

  5. Thanks for reading, everyone! I guess I should have put up a cutpage: "Warning: contained horrible pun."

  6. Very well said.. good one and different take on the prompt..

  7. Ahhh, punny car problems. What A combination!!!

    (Always smile worthy when done well, as this one is!)

    Thank you!

    Read my 3WW poem here.

  8. That was a fun read!! very delightful!!

  9. Loved it! REad it out loud to my husband and he laughed, too!

  10. I'm looking for a drum roll at the end, there.

  11. Take that foot off the accelerator, happy driving... crazy :)

  12. not really a crazy limerick.. :-)


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