NaNoWriMo excerpt: "What a fool I am!"

an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo, "Verbosity's Vengeance"

"She miniaturized it. God, what a fool I am, she cross-linked it directly to the VR rig! Mrs. White," he said, "is the analysis of the medical scans complete?"

"No sir," the computer replied, "the anomalies in Dr. Hunter's parietal lobe could be natural variation in tissue density, or they may be a result of grammartech meme-frequency modulation."

"Assume they're caused by the grammartech, about two hours usage so far. How long until damage becomes pathological?"

"Without additional scans under controlled conditions, extrapolation from existing data is unreliable."

"Extrapolate anyway," he shouted, "how much longer can she go on piping the grammartech through her visual cortex? Give me the range."

"Cortical tissue damage will result after additional usage. Best case scenario: four hours, eleven minutes. Worst case scenario: one hour, twenty one minutes. Speed and severity of damage will depend on the intensity of usage."

"Which means that just going there to try to rescue her people will be bad enough, but if she tries to fight Professor Verbosity..."

"Yes sir. Her brain will be irreversibly damaged, resulting in symptoms ranging from headaches and blindness to coma and death."

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  1. Dun! Dun! Dun!

    I can't wait until you finish this Tony. What's your goal for the final word count?

  2. I'm hoping for a 70-80K final count. Barring a miracle, there's no way I'm going to get it done for nanowrimo, but there are lots of hooks for engaging subplots, and I need to flesh out the villain a lot more.


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