Three Word Wednesday: Joke, leverage, remedy

Today's words for Three Word Wednesday are Joke, leverage, remedy.


Leverage of two hundred seventy
light-years moved Earth like he said, didn't he?
Archimedes would choke
To see that his joke
Provided a climate change remedy.

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  1. Oh, dear...what will our new climate be? :)

  2. That's one big lever. Guess we won't need to build those star ships after all - just take the whole darn planet with us.

  3. Cool, I liked the way you worked the quote into this. Nice job.

  4. very nice.. like how u used the joke in the post..!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I like the challenge of composing a limerick for Three Word Wednesday, great creativity booster.

  6. oh dear are you saying we have a global warming trend coming...


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