Back to normal

That rant that you wrote was a hit -
For a weekend you felt like hot shit!
But the crowds are all gone
'cause the Net has moved on,
It was fun, now get over it.

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  1. Welcome to the Internets, right? ;-)

  2. Internet, eh? Is that thing still around? - Homer J. Simpson

  3. Haha, good one!

    Wanna know something curious? One of my troll stories with more hits is the one entitled "The Most Horrible Torture", which has nothing to do with torture (from our view, at least).

    I'm not surprised your ranting was so popular. ;) Besides, you had good reason, heh.

  4. Your internet phenom days may be gone
    but you still have us, and that's not a con.

    (HA! You'll never guess what the word verification word thingee is: egoride! SERIOUSLY!)

  5. SNORT! People are just the damnedest things.


  6. Brilliant. I'm not sure which I enjoyed most; the original post, the thrill at what a viral hit actually looks like, or this wonderfully humble return to earth. A great trilogy.

  7. @Chris: Thanks. I'm not nearly so much of a curmudgeon as the rant would suggest; this little bit of humility is closer to the mark.


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