Three Word Wednesday: acrid, bane, tepid

Warning: From the National Weather Service ... EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING in effect until Wednesday, Jul 7, 8:00 PM; Additional advisories also in effect

A BOOM and a foul, acrid smell,
Transformer exploded, then fell.
Without any power,
This damned tepid shower,
Is the bane of my AC-less hell.

(go ahead and read it out loud... no one is watching you)

Here is today's Three Word Wednesday

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  1. I did read it out loud! O what a hoot! O the trials and tribulations of technology! Love it!

  2. Technology is a wonderful thing.

    When it works....

  3. I did, too, and it worked on a whole different level.

  4. I hope your AC's back online
    That you're feeling cool, and fine
    The lack of AC
    In a hundred degrees
    Is surely an Apocalypse sign.

  5. and your poem made me laugh...

    LOL. Tepid showers, unless in the middle of a Bakersfield Summer, are a real drag.

    (and thanks for commenting on my 3ww today!)

    My Three Word Wednesday for this week.

  6. I know exactly what you mean, I like the rhyming

  7. Tony... you're so good at these.

    MY AC is on the fritz so ... here I am feeling the pain and waiting for sweater weather.

    I hate summer...

  8. Nice limerick and thanks for stopping by my site. 100 degrees down here in Texas! yeah ACs!

    stu pidasso

  9. Time to switch to gas water heater. Nicely done!

  10. Like this...Explosion of words

  11. This genuinely made me smile - nice work. I wish I could write funny verse!


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