Deadlines, whisperings and mindless minions

I've got a few things looming over me, so have been directing my attention to them of late. Don't you just hate that?

The Chinese Whisperings - Yang anthologies are in the home stretch, and the dates for various promotional activities are set. I'm gearing up to coordinate my own promo stuff here and on Twitter with the work on the CW website. Part of that will be posting an interview with my counterpart writer in the Yin anthology, Tina Hunter. It should be interesting!

I've been lining up guest bloggers for Landless, something fairly new for me. I'm looking forward to having them, as I know that the topics they've chosen will certainly be thought-provoking.

Paperwork for the Xpress anthology "Inhuman" was sent off this week. The book should be out in a month or so.

A new writing project is gearing up for August and September, one in which I will be taking on a role roughly equivalent to a managing section editor. The writers I'll be working with are all people whose writing I admire and respect; in some ways this is a big relief, and in other ways it really ups the ante for me.

One of the things that is complicating life a bit is some travel next week and a vacation after that. It's certainly going to curtail my on-line life, especially as a good chunk of that is going to be spent unplugged at a cabin in the woods. I'm hoping to overdose on hiking, reading and sleeping, but I expect to get very little writing done. So, I'm trying to write a few blog posts, #FridayFlash stories and other items to get ahead, auto-scheduling them to post on time.

In my absence, my loyal electronic slaves will also be set up to auto-tweet about things that I think my Twitter community might like to know about, links & such. I will do my best to respond to RTs, questions & comments, but I might be slow about it. It's not hard to schedule all of those, but it takes a bit of time to write two weeks worth of tweets in one setting. Even at a rate well below my normal rate of posting (~20 - 30/day), that's ~100 tweets. If it takes 1 minute to write each one, that's close to two hours to do them all. At that point, it becomes work!

Just out of curiosity, do you do this? Work like hell to get everything taken care of before your vacation so you can relax? Or do you just turn off the lights and walk away from it all? Or do you take the fun parts with you and leave the rest behind?

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  1. Hey Tony -

    Go to see you so busy! I cannot imagine just walking away... makes me cringe. I bust my ass to get everything done that I possibly can and then spend the time away wondering if I could have done more. :)

    It is very hard to take a break, especially in "our business". But it's good to do. If you don't you can find yourself in a vicous cycle and end up producing crap... trust me, I've been there.

    Either way, the important to know is that when you do get back, everything and everyone will still be here.


  2. You ARE busy.
    If I'm going away for a long weekend, I'll try to get my fridayflash ready before I go... other than that, I walk away.
    I do take my laptop with me and, because I have a stick, if there is cell service there's internet service, even in the woods!

  3. Busy bee, aren't you? heh

    I do try to take a very short break from the internet, twitter, etc. once in a while. It usually lasts one or a few days so I don't have to worry about falling too much behind.

    I think you do well planning everything ahead. Even if you're not phisicaly present, the fact that you're still "tweeting", "blogging" etc. counts!

    Have a great vacation and relax your mind as much as you can. You'll come back full of great ideas! ;)

  4. I just walk away. Of course that's why I'm constantly goingonhiatus, infrequently posting, and losing much of my writing skills to infrequent practice.

    Whatever will allow you to enjoy your time away is what you need to do.


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