Shifting points of view

Blog posts are thin while I'm in an undisclosed location, but I wanted
to mention that tomorrow's #FridayFlash fiction will be an experiment
in shifting POV.

The attentive reader will have noticed by now that I tend to have a
purpose with these pieces. They are exercises in various aspects of
writing, not just nice stories.

For a long time, I would just write stuff. It was good, it was bad,
whatever. I wasn't thinking of selling any of it, so quality didn't
really matter.

Now, I'm working on getting better. It's become almost a problem, how
achingly intense is the need - not the desire, the *need* - to write
well. This might be TMI, but fortunately, that's why I set this blog

One of the things I most enjoyed from previous #FridayFlash postings
was the detailed feedback. I love hearing that a story was immersive
like a novel, or was heartbreaking, or inspiring, or had a main
character that was repulsive.

Also, although I didn't quite LOVE hearing that something didn't work,
I really, really appreciate the folks who took the chance to give
their honest opinion and say, "Tony, nice story, but that part was
murky and confusing."

My ego is as fragile as the next guy's, but if you want to run with
the big dogs, you gotta get off the porch.

I hope everyone likes the story tomorrow. Please feel free to tell me
what you thought of it.

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  1. Thanks, I have visions of dobermans chasing me. :P

  2. I agree with your sentiments. I wish more people would leave comments - I can see from my hit counter that I'm receiving lots of visits, but I'm not getting many comments. So, do people think my writing is bad or my stories are boring/pointless? I can take criticism (I've been copping it professionally for about 15 years now), but I find the silence discombobulating. Of course it won't stop me either :)

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