Early mornings

It is a blessing to get up early, to start your day before sunrise.
This morning was particularly beautiful.

Orion, frozen as he always is in his endless chase of the lion, shone
brightly overhead. A sharp crescent moon cut through the eastern sky.

These were with me as I drove to the airport, like emblems of Night,
ambassadors from the underlying world of beauty and perfection beneath
our own flawed world.

By the time I got to the long-term parking lot, the sky was
lavender-pink, the moon was faded and my old friend Orion was returned
to his daytime slumbers. I don't see him nearly enough this days.

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1 comment:

  1. Of course, I'm here reading only after seeing your hankering for a cheeseburger on the tarmac...as if that will happen!

    Ah, well, your morning started off lovely with the peace of the stars.


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