Writing on the road

Aside from the usual difficulties that plague a writer (such as trying
to remember how to spell "plague"), additional difficulties arise when
writing on the road.

Distractions abound, for one thing. A normal person might think that
someone on a trip to attend a wedding, go on a cruise, accept an
award, testify at a parole hearing, etc. would believe the primary
function of the trip to be the wedding, cruise, banquet, hearing, etc.

However, if you are trying to sqeeze in some writing on the trip, the
nooks and crannies of time which would otherwise be carelessly idled
away become precious and jealously snatched away from the reason for
going on the trip in the first place.

At the moment, I'm sitting in O'Hare waiting out a layover. To be
honest, gentle reader, I don't really want to be talking to you. It's
not that I don't love you. I do, really! It's just that I have a bunch
of scared soldiers, a fatalistic sergeant and a lieutenant on the
verge of a nervous breakdown, all of whom I'm about to send their
deaths in a hail of machine gun fire. I'm anxious to get going on it.

Why don't I? Because I'm waiting for my PDA to recharge. It died on
the first leg of this homeward-wending trip. I'd blocked out these
flights and this layover to knock out the rest of the 8000 words I set
as a goal.

I was going to fall short of 8K anyway, but I feel like this was going
really well until the technology intervened.

How about you? Any technology related writing stories to tell? War
stories, horror stories, triumph stories?

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