Fruit smoothie

A fruit smoothie recipe isn't fiction, but there's an analogy.

1 clementine
1 overripe banana (minus the 20% that was trimmed off as just too nasty to eat)
1/2 pint strawberries (the other 1/2 pint was moldy)
12 cherries, pitted
1 gala apple, cubed
1/4 C orange juice

Put all fruit except apple into blender. Add OJ, blend until smooth.
Add apples, continue blending. Serve to family and friends. Makes 4

So what's the analogy of making a smoothie to writing fiction?

*The process requires flexiblity and creativity
*Use what you have on hand, but be judicious in the proportions
*Trim the bad stuff if you want the end product to be any good
*Don't freak out if the final product isn't what you originally intended to make
*Feed it to someone else and see what they think of it before you
declare it a success
*Don't let one bad smoothie put you off making smoothies in the future
*Making smoothies is not only fun and educational, you will be a
healthier person for having done it

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