What to write

In terms of big writing projects, I have one moderately science fiction-ish action/adventure novel written to the first draft stage. This is going to need a big rewrite to fill in the gaps, trim off the warts and clean it up. Further revision and polishing will come after that. I'm guessing all of that will take it from its current 50,000 words to up around 90,000.

I have a fantasy novel fully outlined and begun, probably ~10,000 words done.

I have another science fiction novel that I just dove into without any clear sense of where it was going. That's ~10,000 all told, scattered among various scenes and vignettes without a coherent plot.

I think I'm going to try to clear out the SciFi elements of the most complete work, make it more fully grounded as an action/adventure piece. I'll make one flat statement right at the outset that places the book firmly into an alternate history. The present day, with a fundamental twist. That should make it much more recognizable, believable, yet still different enough that I can do all the stuff I want to with the people and events.

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