Say something funny

An organization recently asked me for a bio. I gave them a paragraph about what I do, my positions on various issues relevant to this organization, what I think is important. This was a vetting process, and I was subsequently asked to take on a leadership role. I agreed.

In the announcement of my coming on board, only the barest facts of what I gave them was stated. The bulk of the bio they printed was taken up with describing how funny I am, how witty and creative. It made specific reference to a talk I gave 5 years ago (!) that still sticks in people's minds for its use of a Spider-Man gag to make a serious point about taking personal responsibility.

I'm a little uncomfortable at the thought that the primacy of my reputation is wrapped up in being funny. I'm a very serious and thoughtful person. I'd like to be known for the clarity of my insight and depth of my understanding.

Having said that, did you hear the one about the ballerina who walked into a barre?

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