Another year, another renewal

I have once again paid the annual renewal fee to retain ownership of this domain name, Things have certainly changed in my life since I was updating this site almost daily. I rarely post anything here now.

So why renew? It's not like there are hordes of people eagerly waiting to scoop up if I let it lapse.

I guess it's because, against all rational thought processes, I still kinda have hopes of one day taking up writing fiction again. It's never far from my mind, even as it gets farther and farther from my schedule. And my priority list, and my skill set.

Right now, I'm not a writer, not anymore. I'm a guy who used to write, a guy who once wrote a novel. And since it was self-published, it wasn't a "real" novel, not the kind of thing you discuss in decent society. The childish effort of a Dunning-Kruger amateur, best forgotten.

But the novel I'm thinking about NOW, the one where the planet-killing asteroid headed toward Antarctica leads to a cultural reexamination of the nature of God and the ultimate purpose of humanity? THAT novel will be worth reading.

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  1. You'll get back on the horse, Tony. Maybe the time right now isn't perfect, but you're too talented a writer to walk away from fiction forever. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

    1. One can only hope! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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  3. Nonsense, Tony. I enjoyed your novel very much. You don't have to put it down just because it was self-published. I hope you start writing again -- heck, I hope *I* start writing again.

  4. I'm struggling this week to push ahead with my writing. This recent blog post of yours came to my mind so I decided to pop back here and check-in with you. You can't stop writing... nooo....

    I'd like to challenge you to write and post a piece of flash fiction -- 500 words or less -- by Thu. 10-Aug.

  5. I *want* to read that novel!

    And if you updated your blog regularly, I would check it more often! I'll say it once more: flash fiction only takes a few minutes to write something! *waggles finger in Tony's face* Seriously, I miss your fiction. It doesn't take long. You don't even have to spend much time on it, a few minutes a day writing, maybe the next day edit, and maybe publish one post every two weeks or so. But post something (and by something I'm hoping fiction) regularly! Pulllllease?

    And self published is ABSOLUTELY a real novel!


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