No New Boobs On This Blog

An update on the policies Google will implement for Blogger (which hosts Landless):
Google has updated its policies on Blogger, its blogging platform, to preclude new users from hosting adult content. Blogs that are created after March 23 and contain “images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity” may be summarily deleted. Existing blogs will be set to private; the only way to visit them will be for the blog owner to explicitly give permission to individual browsers. 

If that sounds too cumbersome, Google has some other suggestions for administrators of blogs with adult content: they can remove the offending content. Or they can remove the blog. In short, Google no longer wants their business.
Not that I ever posted much adult content (except for that one Friday Flash with the bondage and hot candle wax), but this seems like another step toward the sanitization/Bowdlerization of the web. There will always be plenty of porn on the Internet, but this is a major blogging platform deciding that the presence of adult content on some Blogger sites is a threat to the business position of the entire company.

Sic transit gloria boobs

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  1. I doubt very much that it is a morality issue so much as it is a monetary one. I don't have the knowledge to guess at the reasoning, but money is the only morality that businesses have.

    I also greatly enjoyed the Latin :-)


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