The horror of old work

I'm cleaning out my desk, recycling enormous piles of old paper. Among the detritus is a complete anthology of science fiction stories which I never got around to publishing. Spaceships, aliens, antimatter, Victorian automata, black holes, time travel... this anthology has it all.

Intrigued, I read through them, letting my own words come back to me across the years.

In general, the stylistic choices I made way back then are not the choices I would make today. That's perhaps putting it kindly. One choice I made back then is exactly the same as I made today: the best place for this collection of stories is an undisturbed grave.

To my credit, however, I certainly seem to have written with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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  1. That antho actually sounds like something I'd love to read!

    I know what you mean about your past voice. When I read stuff from when I first started, I almost cringe, but I can see where the potential was for me to improve as well. I can't imagine anything you've written being cringe-worthy, but maybe you could polish them up? If you don't publish the antho, maybe you could redo some of the stories for Friday Flash?

    1. I don't think they're worth working on any further. At least, I don't feel the enthusiasm for them that such an effort would require. Let sleeping stories lie.


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