Oceans of red ink

I finished the initial pass of corrections to my WIP first draft. This consists of pretty basic stuff, such as:
  • determining the genders of certain characters
  • the existence (or removal) of other characters
  • deciding on the balance of furious vs. suicidal for my MC
  • settling on the spelling of names
  • flagging the big sections of tell, tell, tell so I can replace them with show, show, show
  • noting where I need more action, better dialogue
I still need to decide if my MC is merely alone in the world, or if he's "my ex-girlfriend is standing right over there, I can see her but not talk to her" alone.

With a binder full of marked up hardcopy, the next step will be to start rewriting the text to implement these corrections. I also need a better ending, but I'm confident that will come.

At some point, I'll have to post a few pictures to explain how I solved the problem of using a 3-ring binder on an airplane fold-down tray. It's an elegant solution, even if it does involve duct tape.

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  1. Of characters whose genders were not solidified, how do the solidification breakdown? 1-1 m/f? 0-0 tie, soccer style?

    1. Let's see...
      * one man became a woman
      * two women who were in the background with non-speaking roles got elevated to minor speaking parts
      * one man was briefly switched to a woman, but changed back pretty quickly
      * one new woman was introduced, but since she was only on for a single scene, I cut her and gave her lines to someone else

  2. Interesting, and I'm looking forward to the pictures. Who isn't a fan of duct tape?

    1. I'm trying to decide if I should be like all the cool kids and do a vine video instead of posting a series of pictures.


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