What being apart looks like

It's kind of appropriate that my name falls entirely in the lanthanides & actinides. My superhero/science fiction/grammar humor book is like a postcard from The Island Of Misfit Writers ("Having a great time - wish you were here.").

Much like "Verbosity's Vengeance", I expect that this bit of wit will be regarded as remarkably clever by ~0.0001% of the English-speaking world, although perhaps a hundred times as many will understand it right away (i.e. ~0.01%).

It begs the question of why I insist on telling jokes that cater to the narrow, narrow demographic overlap of (knows the significance of lanthanides & actinides on the periodic table) with (appreciates sadly lyrical metaphors). A screening test to select members of my "tribe"? Intellectual snobbery? Simple self-congratulatory showing off of education and erudition? Needy preening?

Grammar jokes, chemistry jokes... not exactly what appeals to the mass market, are they?

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  1. Nerds are legion -- but a lot of them learn to blend in. I really believe the demographic is much broader than is generally assumed, because otherwise we wouldn't be seeing so many SF, fantasy, and horror works on TV and in mainstream film.


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