Speaking seriously

Probably the most awkward part of writing an introspective, confessional blog post is the first line. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I need to decide if this second line will actually get into the meat of what I wanted to say in this post, or continue to beat around the bush as I dither about just how detailed to be in sharing the thoughts that consume me.

A paragraph break will forestall that decision, allowing me to continue to shy away from the real subject of this post while delivering a passable illusion of developing content. Should I do another paragraph break? No, that would make this "paragraph" only a single line, far too brief even for a blog post. My sentences are long and complex, but even one of my more baroque constructions couldn't pull off the trick of standing alone.

But I digress.

Or do I? Is this really a digression? While all this self-referential blather would appear antithetical to my stated goal - i.e. the introspective, confessional blog post I came on here to write - it seems to be accomplishing my REAL purpose, which is to hide my real thoughts and feelings behind a cloud of meaningless textual chaff. After all, the marketplace of ideas has little demand for the inner workings of my mind, however grammatically they are presented.

My head is a crowded place. Like a Time Lord without the time (or the lordliness), I lead too many lives, both simultaneously and in sequence. They bleed across their separating membranes, the triumphs of one diminished by the tragedies of another, the base metal here burnished and elevated by the admixture of gold from there. There is nothing within me that is unalloyed anything, but then, that could be said of any of us, no?


Another stone thrown to the pond,
Another leaf freed from the tree,
Another piece seized from the loaf,
Another word heard out of me.

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  1. Sheer artistry, Tony.

    And I firmly believe, speaking—or writing—as one who can wax lyrical...and lengthy often enough, that one of your excellently architected grammatical constructions could stand the test of time, let alone the test of standing alone.

    And anyone who can make good use of "admixture" in a blog entry deserves to be read.

  2. Introspection, poetry and Dr. Who - it doesn't sound like it would work as a cohesive blog post, and yet it does. My hat is off to you. :-)

    1. If you MUST say nothing, doing it lyrically is always a plus. ;-)

  3. Meta is such a good way to get words out there. Artfully delivered, sir!

  4. This is awesome, Tony, well done!


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