Themes as Creative Writing Prompts

Over on Today's Author, I'm discussing how a writing theme can be used to kickstart creativity:
Does this mean that I’ve abrogated the responsibility for creativity in selection of subjects for my blog posts? Not at all. I view this as akin to using a writing prompt as the basis for a short story. Thus far, I think I’ve written more (and better) blog posts than I have in a long time.
Pop over to Today's Author to read the whole post. Feel free to leave a comment there or here to tell me what you think. Do you use writing prompts? Have you pursued them through a larger theme? How applicable do you think this approach is to larger works?

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  1. Good to see you pleased with your work for a change. :-P You've blogged the occasional home repair/upgrade, but this AtoZ series has really opened up a part of your personal life that many of us might only be dimly aware of. An occasional woodworking post in the future would go down well, I think.

    1. The funny thing is that I don't think much about my woodworking and DIY. It's just something I do, like tying my shoes. Only as I've been writing these do I think, "Damn... I have a lot of tools, don't I?"

  2. Your (1)/(2) story sounds reasonable to me. I've done operations like it, though with cruder tools like wire-cutters.


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