My condolences to all of the innocent victims of the bombing today at the Boston Marathon. By its nature, a marathon is the culmination of months, years, even a lifetime of striving.

When the bombs went off, the leaders had long since passed the finish line. The explosions didn't hit professional racers. They hit the second- and third-tier runners, the ones who weren't there to make world-record times, only a personal best... or just the personal triumph of making it up Heartbreak Hill and over the finish still upright.

To have the moment of fulfillment turn into a bloody wave of horror... to be a spectator waiting for a chance to cheer on your wife, your husband, your grandma, your friend or some other loved one, only to have your legs torn off in a deafening roar... to be an eight year old child, perhaps understanding why the Boston Marathon is such a big deal, perhaps not, but excited and happy anyway, only to have a moment of fear and pain be your last moment on this earth...

... these are things I cannot forgive.

My heart goes out to you, Boston, and to all those who were, just for a day, your adopted sons and daughters.

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  1. you captured the vast injustice and inhumanity of this senseless act. no justification.

    praying for healing and comfort to the victims and their families


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