Quadcopters are domestic drones

If you think law enforcement agencies, intelligence-gathering agencies (foreign and domestic), and military-industrial complex type folks of all stripes are NOT slavering over the snooping possibilities inherent in quadcopter fleets, then you are a more trusting person than I.

A low-power packet-sniffing antenna mounted on one quadcopter could easily relay data from node to node to node, back to a base station. Such low-power transmissions would not be detectable on the ground. Hell, they might even be able to use line-of-sight laser transmissions in the node links back to base.

When one quadcopter runs out of gas, send another back up for station-keeping. You can even refill in the air from a tethered balloon, holding a fuel tank aloft. The quadcopters are more than nimble enough to manage the air-acrobatics necessary for a refueling.

This is why I wear a tin-foil hat.

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  1. Tinfoil hat -- the narrator is doing some wireless packet-sniffing of his own?

  2. Tinfoil hat won't deflect the camera of a spy robot.

    I still feel really weird about all the killer Drones in my Fantasy novels now.

  3. We're watching you, Mr. Noland.


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