My take on the Hugo nominees

The 2013 Hugo nominees are out. The nominees include books, authors, etc. I recognize, as well as books, authors, etc. I don't recognize. For that matter, the list includes authors I like and authors I dislike. Shows you how well/poorly my tastes match those of the voting public.

Interesting point: only three stories were nominated for Best Short Story. Of the 662 nominations, only these three garnered the minimum 5% of total. This means that the pool of nominations was a lot of stories, few of which were of note.

Conclusion: the short story is dead as a recognized form. However, the novel, novella and novelette (whatever the hell that is) seem to be doing just fine, with 1113, 587 and 616 nominations, respectively. Said novelette nominations include “In Sea-Salt Tears”, by Seanan McGuire. This is (I believe) the first self-published work nominated for a Hugo. Congratulations, Seannan!

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