Verbosity's Vengeance: elevator pitch

The agents and publishers that I've submitted to have already seen this, but I thought you might like to as well. If you ARE and agent or publisher and want to read the 3 page synopsis or the opening chapter, shoot me an e.mail

"The nefarious Professor Verbosity threatens Lexicon City with a mysterious new superweapon and only the Grammarian can stop him… just as soon as he hires a decent sidekick. Mix in the interference of the Avant Guardian (a goofy superhero wanna-be), a mysterious stranger who strikes from the shadows, and a beautiful, brainy college professor with a thing for superhero technology, and the Grammarian has his work cut out for him.

VERBOSITY’S VENGEANCE: A GRAMMARIAN ADVENTURE NOVEL is a fast-paced, superhero science fiction story. This book is a complete, polished novel of approximately 113,000 words, intended for readers 14 to adult. The Grammarian’s superpowers derive from a combination of high-tech gadgetry and exceptional verbal ability; superhero fight scenes and an action-filled plot are balanced with clever wordplay, language-based abilities, and word nerd humor."

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  1. Almost seems like a derivative of Walt Disney's "The Incredibles," except for the clever grammar-based character names. That’s the nature of the superhero sci-fi genre though. Good luck with it.


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