Back to normal in 3... 2... 1...

It was 30 days ago that I posted what quickly proved to be the most popular blog post I've ever done: "11 Ways You Can Stop Pissing Me Off On Twitter". This is what that looked like:

As you can see, the popularity of that post was an order of magnitude higher than most posts, and beat the previous champ, "Ode to the Semicolon" by 400%.

I bring all of this up because as of tomorrow, the hits from "11 Ways" will drop off my 30-day view of blog statistics, and all the numbers will go back to normal. While it's been fun to see monthly stats of 2000+ hits, those really aren't representative of my usual visitor rate. In the graph above, I included the few weeks before and after "11 Ways" so you could see what I mean.

Bear in mind, I have no intention of being a one-hit wonder. This was fun, but my idea for this writer's blog is somewhat different. I've always thought that a good game plan is one that combines short-term and long-term strategy. Executed with dedication and focus, that's a surer path to success than tossing out would-be blockbusters and hoping for one smash that you can ride to glory.

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  1. Surprised you never got any comments on this, Tony. That last line is an absolute peach. This business does take patience, and, sure, every once in a while it's nice to have a smash post. Every once in a while, too, a post can completely crater.

    Slow and steady...

  2. thanks for the comment. Some posts get lots of comments, some slip by unnoticed. So it goes.

    This place has been growing at a good, steady rate. It's a good game plan, so I'll stick with it.


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