No ego here, really.

I'm back from a trip to sunny southern California. Lots of fun, though cooler that I would have expected. I tried some kind of berry-based protein smoothie with a dost of antioxidants. Tasty, although I suspect it's not that much healthier than a Snickers bar.

I had no meaningful web access, and I couldn't remember how to post blog entries from my mobile phone. I've since refreshed my memory on this, so the NEXT time I go out of town, I will be able to blog as well as tweet. This will come as a great comfort to all of the people who read this blog.

How many would that be? Thanks to the power of Google Analytics, I keep track of how many people read this blog. It is a number which would keep even the most self-assured narcissist humble.

Care to guess? Go ahead, guess. In fact, the number is so low, that I'll write a bit of nanofic for each and every person who responds here with a guess as to how many visitors I got in the last month. I won't even ask that you get the number right.

One last thing: I've been getting a lot of very useful comments on "Home Cure" over at the Editor Unleashed critique forum. It's a good community, worth checking out for any writer. I'm looking forward to the comments on the story I submitted to the Flash Fiction 40 contest.


  1. As long as your writing fiction I see no reason why your readership should be any different. Therefore I guess i.

  2. I almost said 42, too. The meaning of Blogs, the Blogiverse, and Blogging.

    BTW Tony, is it tweetfic per guess, or per post? Just to muddle whatever scientific value this might have I'll say the opposite of JR and guess 24.

  3. One per person. Stuffing the ballot box won't help. ;-)

    Note: I'll post the real number in a couple of days.


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