4 eyeballs per day

How many people visit this blog? Few enough that my own visits skew the numbers dramatically. I'm still working on how to exclude my own activity from Google Analytics.

Over the past month, 52 different people (not counting me) have stopped by around 65 times. Total pageviews are around 140. The most popular content is (in order) the index page for the blog, Rosetta, Home Cure, and the playlist.

When I actively promote something, readership goes up. When I don't, few people see it. This will come as a revelation to no one. Right now, I'd prefer to err on the side of discretion and have 2 or 3 readers a day than go gonzo with links to my blog when the content may not be worth the shilling.

These numbers doesn't bother me too much, since I'm not really about numbers at this point. I don't wish to be seen as one of those people who mutter to themselves in a quiet corner. Still, there are some things I post which I don't necessarily expect much response. Other things are more of an active engagement.

I can always find a quiet corner of a room somewhere to mutter in. This is more like a quiet street corner.

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