Hello world!

It is a very strange feeling for me, Tony Noland, to be on the cusp of sending out my first shorty story for publication. I'm not even sure where to send it.

I have to resist the urge to fantasize about winning Nebula, Hugo and Edgar Allen Poe awards with this story. If I had any sense of perspective, I would fantasize about having it get accepted at all.

4000 words at $0.06/word = $240. How's that for some perspective?

Note also that I would have to sell three stories like this even to qualify for membership in SFFWA.

Fantasies like this are cheap. This is like holding a lottery ticket before you check what last night's numbers were. Do I realize that they are ridiculous fantasies? Yes. It is almost completely impossible that this story will be bought, published and make a splash. Almost.

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