Literacy is at the heart of everything good

I give to a number of charitable organization. One that I've supported regularly for many years is Reading is Fundamental, whose mission is to motivate young children to read by working with them, their parents, and community members to make reading a fun and beneficial part of everyday life, with a special focus on underserved children.

Those of us steeped in words often forget that for many people, reading is at best a challenge, at worst and insurmountable obstacle. The ability to read and understand the written word is what opens doors and enriches life. From basic life functions like reading and understanding a job advertisement and properly filling out a job application, to higher level things like having access to a wider world of ideas, or even just having a cheap, reliable form of entertainment, the ability to read, and to enjoy reading is one of the best parts of being a modern human.

September 8 was International Literacy Day. Especially in the connected, online, text-driven world we live in, literacy is a prerequisite for opportunity. Grammerly celebrated the day with a post and the statistical infographic below. They are donating to three literacy organizations: Reading Is Fundamental, First Book, and ProLiteracy. Because I reposted this infographic below, each of those organizations got $10 from Grammerly.

Reading is a good thing.

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