Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

As you are no doubt aware, March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day in the United States, since we use the month.day.year convention of designating dates. This gives us a 3.14 every year, a date to celebrate math and irrationality.

It also prompts an awful lot of "Americans use a dumb date designation system, and should do it day.month.year, i.e. the way WE do it." comments in social media, but we won't talk about that because America! Also because everyone else is obviously jealous because 14.3.15 means nothing, so their approbation is therefore beneath notice.

But I digress.

As you may have heard, this year is a very special Pi Day. In just about an hour from when I'm writing this, it will be 3.14.15, 9:26:53, the only moment in my lifetime when the date and local time will align to produce the digits of Pi to 9 decimal places. This moment won't come around again for another hundred years!

And who knows? By then, America might have switched to day.month.year, or to the even more logical year.month.day. Hell, we might even be using the metric system by then. Who knows what the 22nd century will bring?

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

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