Former writer

Today is one of those days when I feel like it would be more accurate (and more truthful) to change all my online biographies (Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, this blog, etc.) from "writer" to "former writer". Because I've got to say, where creativity and invention used to be a lush garden, it's now nothing but a dead, empty wasteland inside this heart of mine. All sere, no serenity.

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  1. BLEAH. It's a drought. I've had some lasting months. The words come back.

  2. I thought you were doing another Grammarian book?

    1. Not presently, no. Alas for the poor Grammarian, his adventures went mostly unnoticed, with sales less than a rounding error. Even with a plot outline already in-hand, it's hard to generate and sustain the enthusiasm necessary to write a sequel. Based on sales of "Verbosity's Vengeance", the potential audience for another Grammarian book is so small, I could host a dinner party and invite them all.

    2. I'll be there—and for the launch of the sequel.

      By the way, you should see what experimental variations on themes of relationship can do. Not even rise to a rounding error! :)

      You're a storyteller, Tony, and the stories will find you.


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