Terribly tired

Terribly tired after a long, complicated, difficult day.

Terribly tired but don't want to go to bed, don't want to go to sleep.

Terribly tired means I don't want to interact with anyone, yet I don't really want to be alone, either.

Terribly tired is justification enough for a wandering blog post, but not enough fuel for Twitter or Facebook.

Terribly tired and wondering who I am, exactly, and why I never finished that one thing that was going really well and which lots of people liked.

Terribly tired so making this brief, and yet, perhaps, not nearly brief enough.

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  1. Big ((((hug))) Tony - Life can be like that sometimes.

  2. With that blog post out of the way, may you rest well, my friend.

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  4. Peace, Tony. I understand this so well ... there are a lot of people out here (including me) who believe in you and your talent. Hang in there. As Helen said -- {{{hug}}}


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