9 Reasons You Should Give Up On Your Dream

1. Your dream is stupid. Or at least, that's the message you've heard so much that you believe it.

2. Your dream will never make you rich. Because making money is all that matters, right?

3. Your dream isn't appropriate for someone of your gender. Drop your pants and do a genital check, OK? Some things are for you, some aren't. Don't be a troublemaker.

4. Your dream will take too long. Anything that can't show an immediate return isn't worth pursuing.

5. Your dream requires a degree. You didn't go to the right school and it's too late to do anything about that.

6. Your dream will offend your father and/or mother. Honor thy father and mother, kid. That's a message straight from God. You don't want to piss off God, do you?

7. Your dream is dangerous. What if you get hurt? What if you go bankrupt? Have you thought about that? I mean really thought about that?

8. Your dream isn't "you". We all know who you are. You're the same person you've always been. We know what you're capable of. Believe me, you won't make it.

9. Your dream is threatening to me. And when I say "me", I mean that it's threatening to every one of the little bits of status quo that form the world around you. People, jobs, house, bills, religions, political affiliations... everything. You don't want to risk all of that do you? Well, do you?

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  1. Great list.

    I'd add (although it's largely covered by the existing items), "Your dream is taking away time from things you ought to be doing instead. How can you pursue your dream when there are dishes to be done?"

    1. "Today is more important than tomorrow. So never think about tomorrow."

    2. Katherine hits the nail on the head!

  2. I've had #2, #4, and #9 thrown at me, in a left-handed indirect way. That all stopped back in Feb. when I showed her the direct deposit coming in. :-P

  3. I suppose #1 could also be "impossible" such as in history: flying, landing on the moon, interplanetary travel, 3D printers, understanding where socks go when they don't come out of the dryer.

    1. Give up on the socks thing. Seriously, that's like Bermuda Triangle stuff.

  4. Wow! Yes, I know that's terribly helpful, but WOW!


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