Me, a new book, and the Dogs of War

Now available in paperback from eMergent Publishing: The Yin & Yang Book

This anthology is a collaborative effort among a diverse group of talented writers. Each of us took a situation and wrote a story around the characters and events of that scene. The twist? As we wrote, we interwove our stories with those of our fellow authors, such that my characters interact with those of the others.

My story is titled, "Dogs of War". It's about a couple of guys going on a business trip, one of whom has no idea what he's up against. You can read a teaser of "Dogs of War" right here, or, if you'd rather hear me read the teaser to you, I can do that, too. If you've read my flash fiction and enjoyed it, then you will really like what I can do when given the space of several thousand words to work with.

The print version of The Yin & Yang Book is available for pre-order directly from eMergent Publishing and will be available from Amazon and other outlets next week. The book has 22 stories (including mine), told in ~90,000 words.

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  1. Congratulations, Tony! You must be SO excited!
    Cool author shades, too! Hope the book sells like hotcakes.

  2. Sweet! Congrats to you and your collaborators - it always feels so good in paper. Peace...

  3. w00t! Another addition for the Tony Noland section of mi biblioteca!

  4. Congrats, indeed! I'm impressed how well the anthology reads even though I've read all the stories at least three times now. I am buying copies for people for Christmas - even though my story will make my mum's toes curl!

  5. Thanks, guys! This is a great book. As Lily said, though I'm quite familiar with all the stories, they still pack a hell of a punch.

  6. Congrats, Tony! That is a great photo as well.


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