Minecraft stupidity

I could try to argue that this video has some kind of literary motif about fate and unintended consequences, but really, it's just funny, especially considering how many hours of time it took to build this house, including the gathering & processing of raw materials.

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  1. I feel so bad for that guy. Can't imagine how long it took to make the e-house.

  2. I've only played around with the free web version of Minecraft, but I was gobsmacked by that place. In the opening shot of the video, you can see an enormous castle fortress.

    I was assuming he has a saved game. If not, he'll have a bit of rebuilding to do.

    When he said, "Apparently, you just set the wood down...", I realized that he'd never done this before. Your living room is rarely a good place to try out new chemistry.

  3. I had to drag my room mate in here whose been playing the game for a few days straight.

    And for the record, lighting trees on fire, where they are, will result in infinite fire.
    No idea if/how it is possible to make that elsewhere.


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