I shouldn't be posting this

In a comment on the second installment of "Just Enough Power", Anton Gully said something interesting:
"I find this kind of depressing because I should be reading it in a book not here."


This could mean, "Tony, your writing is so amazing and gripping, you shouldn't be giving it away here, you should get yourself a publisher and an agent who knows something about movie rights."

Or it could mean, "Tony, I hate having to wait to read a story this fantastic in installments, I just want to hoover the whole thing down in one bleary-eyed, stay-up-late-to-finish-it night."

Or it could mean, "Tony, I like short fiction; I don't come to your site to read serials."

I guess I should explain that this serial is born out of the happy marriage of a very well-received FridayFlash and a fully outlined novel that never got written. I was put under the gun by several readers of the first installment of "Just Enough Power" who were asking for a follow-up story in the same vein.

Look, I realize that you might be world-weary and blase about getting fan mail, but I am as yet quite susceptible. For various reasons, I needed to write the sequel early and fast; it occurred to me that I could recycle my novel plot for the purpose.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'd abandoned that novel because it wasn't very original or interesting. It lacked something, a spark or freshness that I wasn't able to give it, no matter how jewel-like was my writing.

Enter the flash story. What my novel was missing was some of the sci-fi elements that would elevate a standard noir gangster novel from a regular cheeseburger and fries up to a full rack of ribs drenched in awesome.

The length I had planned for the novel was ~80K. That would mean 80 installments of 1K each. Will I really post that many? Probably not. For example, I don't think I'd be able to adequately lay out the sub-plot about the turncoat federal agent who is a decent enough sex-partner-of-convenience and who may (or may not) be a love interest.

My question to you is: if I were to present the main thread of the plot here, would you then go on to buy the much-expanded novel, with lots more sex, vastly more killing, a touching scene of separation, some Twinkies, and a handful of sharpened pencils used rather abruptly?

Feel free to comment on this or any other post.


  1. >My question to you is: if I were to present the main thread of the plot here, would you then go on to buy the much-expanded novel, with lots more sex, vastly more killing, a touching scene of separation, some Twinkies, and a handful of sharpened pencils used rather abruptly?<

    Ummmmm...hell yeah. I'd buy this, but I'd prefer to buy the ebook since I have a weakness for reading books on my phone. The paperbacks get read much less slowly because they aren't as handy, but even as a paperback I'd buy it. Gangster stories aren't usually my thing, but having been given a taste of the story I love it enough that I'd buy it in almost any form. It's a great story!

  2. TBH I'm depressed about everything right now, but I meant the first option.

    I think I even said in my comment on the second episode that you should gather it all up and put it on Smashwords as a novella/novel, but a real life book would be epic. (However I do prefer reading digitally so don't forget Smashwords.)

  3. Hmmm. Can't find where I mentioned Smashwords. It may have been an aborted comment on episode 3. I may have been gushing. Hmmm. Gonna need to slap a bandage on that. Hmmm.

  4. More sex, death AND Twinkies?

    I'm in!

    I don't have an e-reader so I would need the physical book.

  5. Ditto with Marisa, that and I'm stubborn.

  6. Thanks for the clarification, Anton. I was hoping you'd stop by and comment.

    I'm a huge fan of e.books. I own a Kindle and read books on my phone on a regular basis. Whatever the future holds for this serial/novel, it will include dead-tree and electronic versions, in as many formats as possible.

  7. I'd prefer to read the whole thing in one fell swoop, no matter the format. This story fascinates, mostly (for me) because of the characters, and frankly, my wee brain can't hold info from week to week.

    I also am becoming tired of reading serials on the web; there are too many sites to visit, and as I said, I can't keep it all in my head.

    That said, I am guilty of serializing myself in a form -- excerpts from two novels usually form my fridayflashes. But not in any order, just excerpts I hope have enough oomph to stand alone.

    THAT said, I'll be laying low on #ff as I simply don't have time these days to do it justice -- the novel and NaPoWriMo beckon.

    Long-winded way of saying, yeah... I agree with Anton (I think that's the second time this week I've agreed with him). Peace, Linda

  8. Go for it! The story is certainly strong enough, and this can be a great way to hash out ideas for the longer novel. Consider this your literary playground, put in things you'd never put in the novel, but want to write anyway. It's your blog, your story - don't be afraid to run with it!

  9. I'd definitely buy it! Your writing is awesome Tony! :)

    Also, I agree with Marisa and Carrie that a physical book would be preferable. ;)

  10. Yes! I would buy it.

    Probably as an e-book (though I don't have a reader and generally just grab pdf), though I still consider paperbacks too.

  11. I'm working on expanding the serial, part of what has been keeping me busy of late.

    Stay tuned...


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